Sengoku 3


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Library Amazon Games
Source Amazon
Platform PC
Release Date 2001-01-18
Community Score 84
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Genre Hack & slash
Publisher D4 Enterprise
Feature 2 Players in Co-Op
Local Co-Op: 2 Players
Single Player
Supports Couch Co-Op
Supports Drop-In/Drop-Out Co-Op
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Tag [HLTB] 1 to 5 hours


The game takes a greater departure from its predecessors in both story and presentation. The heroes are now members of a ninja clan who have to dispatch an evil emperor before he is released. Players can choose which character they want for the first time, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Two bosses that confront the player can also be playable after a certain chapter of the game, allowing players to re-select their character if they wish.